Identity: CMA is a regulatory, supervisory and organizing body that enjoys juridical person and financial and administrative independence. It was established by the Royal Decree 80/98 issued on 9th November, 1998 and functioned by January 1999.

The Core Business: CMA’s major activity is to supervise the capital market and insurance sectors.

CMA takes the following responsibilities:

  • Regulate, license and oversee the issuance and trading of securities.
  • Supervising Muscat Securities Market (MSM).
  • Supervising Muscat Depository and Clearance Company.
  • Supervising public joint stock companies.
  • Licensing and supervising:
    • All companies operating in securities.
    • Insurance companies, agents and brokers.
    • Investments funds.
    • Credit rating companies.

Institutional principles of CMA

Vision: Toward financial services at best international standards and practices based on fairness, transparency and efficiency to enhance the role of the capital market and insurance sectors in supporting sustainable economic development.

Mission: Regulation, continued development of legislations, easing procedures, boosting transparency and disclosure, qualifying human cadres and disseminating financial services’ awareness and knowledge.

Values: Achieving fairness and integrity under the rule of law and creating genuine partnership with the related parties to attain sustainability consistent with the strategic course of the national economy.


  • To advance the competence of capital market and insurance sector.
  • To protect the investors and insurance policies holders.
  • To promote and enhance the investment environment.
  • To advance the human resources operating in the sectors of capital market and insurance.
  • To develop and cope the financial sectors in the Sultanate with the latest developments in the world.
  • To establish the principles of professional conduct and self-supervision.
  • To develop investment and insurance awareness.